Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Guci Hot Spring Water

Rembul Village Bojong Tegal Regency. Just as natural and outdoor Spa, you may enjoy the lukewarm and spring water and the sound of singing bird to get rid your tentions.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Ayah Village, Rowokelo, Kebumen regency

It is just an hour drive from kebumen city center, Petruk Cave is located. Hundreds of unique shapes of stalactite and stalagmite are all here to explore and admire.

Nusakambangan Island (The Alcatraz of Java Indian Ocean)

Nusakambangan Island Cilacap Regency, Nusakambangan is the prison for dangerous prisoners. If you ever dream of being fear situations just like in Alcatraz island? The island will make your dream come into real. Sail across Segara Anakan Sea in south-west of Central Java and experiences the prestine beauty of this mysterious island.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tlogo Agro Tourism

Tuntang, Semarang. Tlogo is the right place for staying in natural environtment, plantation touring, Javanese traditional dishes dining, and learning how to process coffee and rubber. Experience the fresh cool air and warm atmosphere of coffee, rubber, and clove plantation, as well as fruit garden.

Perusda Perkebunan Tlogo, Salatiga, Central Java, Indonesia

Phone: +62-298-340111 Fax.: +62-298-340222

Email: info@tlogoagro.net

The Green Belt of Central Java (Solo-Selo-Borobudur)

It is the green belt of Central Java right in the foot of Mount Merapi, the most active Volcano in the world. Experience the the cooland fresh air, orchard and vegetables plantations, and magnificent scenery at some spots of lookout like Ketep Pass and New Selo.

List of Airlines in Central Java


  1. Garuda Indonesia airlines, Hotel Horison 1st Floor, Jl. KH Ahmad Dahlan No.2, Phone: +6224-854737

  2. Mandala airlines, Jl. Achmad Yani airlines airport, Phone +6224-7603011

  3. Bouraq airlines, Jl. Gajah Mada 61 D, Phone +6224-3563065

  4. Batavia air, Jl. Imam Bonjol 180E, Phone +6224-3545898

  5. Sriwijaya air, Jl. Sriwijaya No. 59F, Phone +6224-8413777

  6. Adam air, Jl. Imam Bonjol No. 173, Phone +6224-35689999


  1. Bouraq airlines Wisma Lippo, Jl. Brigjen Slamet Riyadi, Phone +62271-52899

  2. Silk Air, Jl. Slamet Riyadi 7, Phone +62271-41369/41374

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Central Java Tour & Travels Agent


  1. Arminta Jatra Buana, Jl. Sriwijaya No.1, Semarang, Phone +6224-8416235.

  2. Chiara Tour & Travel, Jl. Jati Raya C-10, Phone +6224-7471003.

  3. Dewangga Tour & Travel, Jl. Sriwijaya 57, Semarang, Phone +6224-8451805/806.

  4. Electra Tour & Travel, Jl. Gajah Mada 1, Phone +6224-3518444/3511112.

  5. Fortuna Tour & Travel, Jl. Kompol Maksum 284-288, Phone +6224-8314601.

  6. Gema Mahardika Tour, Jl. Setyabudi 53, Phone +6224-7473245.

  7. Giantra Tour & Travel, Jl. MT. Haryono 517B, Phone +6224-844333.

  8. Haryono Tour & Travel, Jl. Pandanaran 37, Phone +6224-84444000.

  9. Java Nusa Tour & Travel, Jl. Thamrin 152, Phone +6224-8446878/79.

  10. Kaisa Rosie Tour & Travel, Jl. Chendrawasih C.D, Phone +6224-3559678.

  11. Kartika Tour & Travel, Jl. Chendrawasih Blok B-26, Phone +6224-3544689.

  12. Nusantara Tour & Travel, Simpang Lima Complex C-6, Phone +6224-8442888.

  13. Pesona Tour & Travel, Gajah Mada Plaza B-12 & B-18, Phone +6224-8448918.

  14. Rikola Tour & Travel, Citraland Mall No.8, Phone +6224-8311005.


  1. Asih Wijaya Utama, Jl. Sutan Syahrir33-35, Phone +62271-645305.

  2. Bumi Nata Wisata, Jl. Adi Sumarmo136, Phone +62271-780050.

  3. Electra Tour, Jl. Slamet Riyadi 115, Phone +62271-64600.

  4. Hayuningrat Tour, Pagelaran Alon-alon Kraton solo, Phone +6271-648560

  5. Mandiri Tour, Jl. Gajahmada 77, Phone +6271-727100

  6. Mulyo Indah, Jl. Sutan Syahrir, Widuran 24, Phone +62271-654344.

  7. Malai Tour, Jl. Dr. Rajiman 515, Phone +62271-710277

  8. Natra Tour, Jl. Gajahmada 87, Phone +62271-641081

  9. Nikki Tour, Jl. Sutowijoyo 45, Phone +62271-717733

  10. Wida Tour, Jl. Kalilarangan 49, Phone +62271-7089980

  11. Sahid Gema Wisata, Jl. Slamet Riyadi 380, Phone +62271-71210

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Jepara Regency-Central Java (The Furniture and Wood Craft Town)

Jepara Regency is one of the tourism destination in Central Java, located at the shore of North Jawa, with it’s famous white sand beaches, blue sea, hotels and restaurants, historical monuments, national parks, furniture and souvenir shopping, clean city are the proud of Jepara, thats way Jepara receive the Adipura Award from the goverment of Indonesia. This is the higher award for the cleanist city in Indonesia.

The Jepara Regency, worldwide known in the furniture business, since some foreigners started to export it’s unique carved furniture products about 25 years ago, currently accomodates a 3,000 expats, employed in the furniture- and other business.

The best swimming beach in Jepara is the crowded visited Bandengan Bay Beach, with clear waters, clean wide beach, and powdered sugar sand, perfect for sunbathing, Jets Ski, etc.

There are many other bays around Jepara, most of them still in original state, where you may only see your own footprints during a walk.

Get Close to Jepara

Karimunjawa National Ocean Park

The park is located 90 miles northeast of Jepara in Central Java. Only seven of the islands are inhabited and the park is named after the largest island of Karimun Java. You can find all sorts of diverse reefs in certain places where depths of 15 to 20 metres are achieved.

In the reefs are 35 different types of hard coral to be found, sponges, soft corals and red and over 240 different types of fish. On the reefs are twelve spectacular dive sites where you can discover not only the diverse marine life in all its facets, but also a number ship wrecks. These wrecks can be found on the islands Batu Kunci, Karang Kapal, Karang Boiler and Batulawang.

If you are looking for peace and tranquillity, these islands provide the perfect opportunity because they hardly have been developed for tourism. Apart from diving, swimming and snorkeling in the area you can also hiking, camping and climb the mountains. With a ferry you can travel from Jepara to Karimunjawa or Cossa

Furniture Export
In 2004, exports of furniture from Jepara were at a level of 141 million dollars, according to an industry official in Jepara.

Bandengan Beach

Bandengan, Tirto Samudro tourism resort in Jepara, West Java, Indonesia, is a beach area which provides visitors with its beautiful white sand beach. It is located in Bandengan village, about 8 kilometers to the north of Jepara town, Central Java. During the era of Raden Ajeng Kartini, one of the Indonesian heroines, Tirto Samudro beach was used as a gathering place. Kartini named this beach as “Klein Scheveningen” since this place was very beautiful.

Kartini, first feminist in Jepara
Raden Ayu (Ajoe) Kartini, (April 21, 1879–September 13, 1904), was a prominent Javanese and an Indonesian national heroine. Kartini is known as a pioneer in the area of women's rights for native Indonesians. Kartini's concerns were not just in the area of the emancipation of women, but also the problems of her society. Kartini saw that the struggle for women to obtain their freedom, autonomy and legal equality was just part of a wider movement.

Mount Muria
Is a dormant volcano on the north coast of Java, Indonesia. The area is notable for a number of reasons. It is the site of the grave of one of the Wali Sanga of Java - Sunan Muria - one of the Islamic Saints associated with the origins of Islam in Java.

Furniture Export
In 2004, exports of furniture from Jepara were at a level of 141 million dollars, according to an industry official in Jepara.

Project : Tanjung Jati Coal Fired Power Plant 2 x 660 MW Project
Owner : Central Java Power
Contractor : Sumitomo Corp.
Location : Jepara Central Java Owners Engineering and Operations Manager: Rob Selby
Next Plann: in 2016 Jepara Will built Nuclear Power Plant to serve the Java and BAli electricity consumptions.

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Central Java Money Changer List


  1. PT. Supit, Jl. Pemuda No. 39 C Semarang. Phone +6224-3542461

  2. PT. Supit, Citraland Mall B-4 Semarang. Phone +6224-8440814

  3. PT. Rudo, Gajah Mada Plaza A/9-10 Semarang, Phone +6224-8444111

  4. Valin, Jl. Gajah Mada, Semarang. Phone +6224-3565222

  5. Haji La Tunrung, Bangkong Plaza, Semarang. Phone +6224-8447059


Updates Soon.


Updates Soon.

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Central Java Hotels List

Hotels in Semarang:

  1. Grand Candi : Jl. Sisingamangaraja 16, Phone +6224-8416222 (*****)

  2. Patra Jasa: Jl. Sisingamangaraja, Phone +6224-84314441 (****)

  3. Horison : Jl. Kyai H A. Dahlan, Phone +6224-8450045 (****)

  4. Graha Santika: Jl. Pandanaran 116, Phone +6224-8413115 (****)

  5. Ciputra : Jl. Simpang Lima Raya, Phone +6224-449888 (****)

  6. Novotel : Jl. Pemuda, Phone +6224-3563000 (****)

  7. New Metro Garden Park : Jl. H. Agus Salim 2, Phone +6224-3547371 (***)

  8. Puri Garden : Jl. Arteri Utara D-4, Phone +6224-7614871 (***)

  9. Natour Dibya Puri : Jl. Pemuda 11, Phone +6224-354738 (**)

  10. Santika : Jl. Jend. A. Yani 189, Phone +6224-8414083 (**)

  11. Grasia : Jl. Letjend S Parman 29, Phone +6224-444777 (**)

  12. Plaza : Jl. Setyabudi 101-103, Phone +6224-7473215 (**)

  13. Bali : Jl. Imam Bonjol 144, Phone +6224-35152232 (*)

  14. Permata Hijau : Jl. Dr. Wahidin 64, Phone +6224-8412735 (*)

Hotels in Solo:

  1. Lor’in : Jl. Laksda Adi Sucipto 47, Phone +62271-724400 (*****)

  2. Sahid Kusuma : Jl. Soegiopranoto 20, Phone +62271-646356 (****)

  3. Sahid Raya Solo : Jl. Gajahmada 82, Phone +62271-644144 (****)

  4. Novotel : Jl. Slamet Riyadi 272, Phone +62271-716800 (****)

  5. Quality : Jl. Jend A. Yani 40, Phone +62271-645847 (****)

  6. Riyadi : Jl. Slamet Riyadi 335, Phone +62271-717181 (***)

  7. Solo Intan : Jl. Slamet Riyadi 366, Phone +62271-716075 (***)

  8. Agas Int : Jl. Dr Muwardi 44, Phone +62271-714888 (***)

Hotels in Magelang :

  1. Puri Asri : JL. Cempaka 9, Phone +62293-64114 (***)

  2. Berg View : Phone +62293-782348 www.bergviewresort.com

  3. Amanjiwo : Borobudur Complex, Phone +62293-7888333 www.amanresort.com

  4. Losari Coffee Plantations : Phone +62293-596333 www.losaricoffeeplantation.com

Hotels in Salatiga :

  1. Quality : Jl. Jend Sudirman 2, Phone +62298-328500 (****)

  2. Laras asri Resortand Spa : Jl. Jend Sudirman 335, Phone +62298-312222

Hotels in Purwakarta :

  1. Queen Garden : Baturaden Complex, Phone +62281-681388

  2. Pondok Slamet : Lokawisata Complex, Baturaden, Phone +62281-681683

Hotels in Tegal :

  1. Bahari Inn : Jl. Kol. Sugiyono 172, Phone +62283-352222 (***)

  2. Alexander : Jl. Jend Sudirman 30, Phone +62283-358401 (*)

Hotels in Kudus (Cigarrete Town)

  1. Griptha : Jl. AKBP R. Agil Kusumadya 100, Phone +62291-438449

Hotels in Jepara (Furnitute and Wood Craft Town) and Karimunjawa

  1. Jepara Indah Hotels : Jl. H.O.S Cokroaminoto no 12 Jepara 59417. Phone : (+62291) 93548, 93549, 93550 Fax : (0291) 93551

  2. Karimunjawa Inn : Jl. Kapuran, Karimunjawa, Phone +62297-312253

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Old Time Memory in Semarang-Central Java

Semarang is located on the northern coast and the capital is called Java Central, since it is located roughly halfway between the eastern and western coasts of the island. The surroundings around Semarang are perfect for day trips and face and excursions.

The old records of this town go back to the 15th to 18th century AD and captivating where colonial and ancient monuments still standing up to date. In the oldest part of town, near the port, you can always find an interesting collection of buildings dating from the colonial era and the Dutch East India Company Dutch, as GEREJA BLENDUK, is the eldest of the Christian Church in central Java built by the Dutch community in 1753. It shows the architecture of the 18th century church with its huge dome and a baroque organ inside the building. Near the church, there are some buildings in the Dutch colonial era. STASIUN TAWANG, the central railway station with his "Old Time" architecture also found in this area. While LAWANG SEWU or generally known as Thousand Doors, located in downtown Semarang is also a remarkable building in the "Old Dutch Time."

Apart from an interesting collection of Dutch colonial buildings, there is a Chinese buildings also remain in Semarang. In the western part of Semarang, SAMPOKONG temple or locally known as Batu Gedong (Stone Building) was devoted to the Chinese admiral Cheng Ho Muslim, his fleet arrived in the first of 1406 AD. The other Chinese Buddhist temple was Tay Kak you Lombok Street built in the year 1772.

Travels Guide!

  1. By air: From Semarang and is easily accessible by air, the airport name is Ahmad Yani Semarang located to the west around five km from the city centre. There are several airlines such as Garuda and Merpati, connect with other cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Banjarmasin, etc.
  2. By train: The main railway station is Tawang, in the old part of town. The main falls between Semarang, Surabaya and Cirebon. There is also a service to Solo.
  3. By Bus: The main bus terminal is Terboyo, in the eastern part of the city. Several bus companies serve the inter-city routes with many cities in Java, Bali and Sumatra. Direct information can be collected directly in the terminal.
  4. By boat: The port of Semarang is in Tanjung Mas. There are regular routes for passengers to and from Semarang sail to other islands, such as Kalimantan. The main line is Pelni. Inquire also for occasional freighter, taking passengers in the port.
Accomodations: This city has enough housing for its visitors, the hotel for star hotels. Some hotels located downtown and in every field luxurious. The facilities comply with international demands combination of traditional specialities.

Getting around:
You can move through the city by becak/pedicab (three-wheeled vehicle) only in the northern part of the city, a mini-bus, bus and taxi.

Must See Things and Activity:

While in Semarang, you can visit other places of interest, such as:
  1. Simpang Lima is a square with many shops and cinemas around. In the evening, many people are here to walk or shopping spree. Early in the morning, people are jogging along the street.
  2. Gombel, his favourite place on the hill with its fresh air and picturesque landscape. In the evening, people like to be here to relax and enjoy the panoramic view of the city and harbour.
  3. Maerakaca Puri, it is a well planned park on the beach exhibiting traditional houses of all regencies in Central Java. In these homes, businesses specific to each regency are displayed and many moore.
There are many restaurants in Semarang offering delicious food Indonesian, Chinese and European cuisine. We should find easily in Jl. Pemuda around Pasar Johar cheapest in the specialty Simpang Lima mail.

The area of Gang Lombok and Jl. Gadjah Mada is famous for its Chinese restaurants, Jl. A. Yani there are restaurants tasteful Javanese.

Semarang is famous for its Lumpia (Chinese Spring Rolls), Pia, Wingko Babat and Bandeng Presto (discounts Fish).

Memory Tricks: From souvenirs and objets d'art are available in Semarang, mainly in downtown areas and popular markets or shopping malls. Batik fabrics and garments, fabrics hand, traditional and local, jewellery, leather puppets, basketry and many.

Travel Tips :
  • The climate is most pleasant between May and September, and it is recommended that travellers choose this time of year to visit
  • Dress light and comfortable to wear
  • Do not forget to bring an umbrella or a raincoat, in the event of rain. [Source: www.my-indonesia.info and moore]
Semarang Image Library

Monday, February 11, 2008

Lossari Coffee Plantation Resort and Spa

Grabag, Magelang Regency, Nested among eight Volcanoes in the highland of Central Java, lies the Lossari Coffe Plantation-Resort Spa. A place where wonder abounds and time stand still, where peace and serenity reside and experience last forever.

Dieng Plateau (The Hearth of Central Java Province)

Dieng in Sanskirt language meals of heaven. Northweast of Borobudur, beyond the volcanic peaks of Sumbing and Sindoro mountain, lies the Dieng Plateau, an area of great natural beauty. Administratively located in Wonosobo and Banjarnegara regency, Dieng has mountainous landscape and deep valley, as well as picturesqeue scenery and cool fresh air. Some tourism highlight you may experience in Dieng Plateau are scenic view in Kledung Pass, a cluster of Hindu Temple, Candradimuka & Sikidang Crater, Warna Lake, Menjer Lake, Jalatunda Well, Tambi Tea Plantations, and Dieng Plateau Theatre.